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Web, Intranet or LAN applications development
Dynamic web pages
Web page updating
Web site audit
Web catalogs, PDF catalogs, quotators, points of sale, inventory<
email and messenger free messagging
Barcode implementation
Direct ticket printing
Unique or special process support
Interfase between your current systems
Gateway from your current system to the web.
Internet surveilance of your facilities

We build your application/site with our many modules available.

Marketing modules:
  • Customers registration
  • Product catalog with description, benefits, limitations, price, availability, detail, pictures, feedback.
  • Product catalog export to pdf
  • Product catalog export to cdrom
  • Product availability
  • Product backordering
  • Shopping cart
  • Purchase orders
  • Online quotations
  • Event calendar
  • General calendar, events, activity, etc.
  • Newsletter
  • News
  • RSS feed
  • Polls
  • Distributors
  • Information request
  • Advertising (own or third party)

    Customer service modules:
  • Blog
  • Service orders
  • Service center
  • Contact form
  • Order tracking

    Management modules:
  • Product control
  • Orders control
  • Distributors control
  • Invoicing
  • Stocking
  • Auto Re Stocking
  • Product tracking (rentals)
  • Product availability (selling)
  • Internal messagging (free of messenger and eMail)
  • Internal notification
  • System activity record
  • System backup

    Other modules:
  • Employment bureau

    We develop your online application, 35 years experience back us.

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